How to improve the service life of the cutter? In order to surviving and developing, our factory must spare no effort to reduce production costs, including: improving ways of improving employee productivity, prolong tool life, improve material management, reduce energy consumption and so on. Our technical staff of precision manufacturing a can prolong tool life, improve the quality of parts, effective method to reduce the manufacturing cost of the tool. After passivation, deburring, polishing the instrument in the three dimension of the tap cutting edge by magnifying inspection, found that tap the surface is smooth, no small particles before polishing, so that the tool is not easy to collapse teeth, bright surface, thus improving the service life. The success in the first trial. The method is applied to all cutting tools. Through processing in each cycle begins after brushing or cutting edge, the cutting tool life increased by 2-4 times of convertible range. A ceramic insert has also been tested for more than 6 months. Brush cutting advantages include improving the quality of the parts, prolong tool life, reduce the tool for reducing inventory, and increase the processing time of frequency changer machine. In order to further prolong tool life, our technical staff also tried to use abrasive particles (such as aluminum oxide or silicon carbide abrasive) brush to brush the cutting edge, but this method is not successful in all cases, the tool life was reduced. The tool machine tool passivation, passivation, tool grinding, cutting equipment, tungsten steel knife, tool polishing equipment used in machine tool industry in the milling cutter, drill, all can improve the cutting tool, is three times the average service life of the cutter.