As with all artificial products, manufacturing cutting blades must first solve the problem of raw materials, which determine the composition and formula of blade material. Most of the blade are made of hard alloy, the main components of tungsten carbide (WC) and cobalt (Co).WC is the blade in hard particles, Co as binder the blade can be formed.

Change the method of hard alloy properties simply by varying the grain size of WC particles. With larger particle size (3 – 5 m) WC particles were prepared by the hard alloy material has low hardness, easy to wear; with smaller particle size (< 1 m) WC particles can produce hardness high, good wear resistance, but also more brittle hard alloy material. The metal material in the processing of hardness is very high when using fine grain cemented carbide inserts may obtain the ideal processing effect. On the other hand, the coarse grain cemented carbide in intermittent cutting or other performance requirements of high toughness blade machining is more superior.

Another way to control the characteristics of cemented carbide blades is to change the ratio of WC to Co. The hardness of Co is much lower than that of WC, but the toughness is better. Therefore, reducing the Co content will result in a higher hardness blade.

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