With the popularity of CNC machine tools, machining thread milling technology is more and more used in mechanical manufacturing industry. Thread milling is through three axis CNC machine tools, the use of thread milling spiral milling interpolation and the formation of thread cutter in the horizontal plane for each circular motion in a vertical plane, linearly moves a pitch. Thread milling has high processing efficiency, high quality thread cutter, good versatility, the advantages of processing and good safety.

At present, there are many kinds of thread milling tools. This paper analyzes the common thread milling cutter from the application characteristics, tool structure, processing technology and so on:

Ordinary machine clamp thread milling cutter

Machine clamp type thread milling tool is the most commonly used thread milling and the price is low, and the structure of ordinary machine clamp type milling cutter is similar to that by reusable tool bar and easily replaceable blades. If the machining of taper thread, special cutter can also be processed by cone screw rod and blade, the blade a plurality of thread cutting teeth, along the spiral machining tool can be processed once a week from multiple threads, such as milling cutter with a 5 2mm thread cutting tooth, tooth thread along the spiral machining a week can be processed with 5 thread depth 10mm.

In order to further improve the efficiency of processing, can choose the multi blade clamping thread cutter. By increasing the number of cutting edges, can significantly improve the feed rate, radial and axial positioning error between each blade but distributed on the circumference of the will affect the accuracy of thread processing. Such as screw thread milling processing of multi precision clamping edge machine does not meet, try to be installed only one blade for processing. In the selection of machine clamp type thread milling cutters, should to be processed according to the diameter of the thread, depth and workpiece materials, try to choose the larger diameter cutter and appropriate blade material. The depth of processing thread clamping thread milling cutter is determined by the effective depth of cutting tool bar due to the effective depth of cutting blade is smaller than the length of cutter, so when machining thread depth is greater than the blade length need hierarchical processing.