Thread milling cutters-function and characteristics 2

1.general integral thread milling cutter

Integral thread cutter mostly made of solid carbide materials, some also used coating. Integral thread cutter has the advantages of compact structure, is suitable for processing thread, small diameter; but also for the whole process of taper thread type thread milling cutters. This kind of tool is of good rigidity, especially the type thread milling cutters with spiral groove, in the processing of high hardness materials can effectively reduce the cutting load, improve processing efficiency. The cutting edge integral type thread milling cutter with thread cutting teeth, along the spiral machining a week to complete the entire thread processing, without a clamping tool that hierarchical processing, so the processing efficiency is high, but the price is relatively expensive

2.integral thread milling cutter with chamfering function

The overall structure of the thread cutter with chamfer function and whole thread cutter is similar, but there are special chamfer edge of the cutting edge of the root, can be processed at the end of the thread chamfer processing thread at the same time. There are 3 ways of chamfering, when the cutter diameter is large enough, can directly use a chamfer chamfer edge countersink and this method is only limited to the internal thread processing. When the orifice chamfering tool diameter is small, can be used by circular motion to chamfer edge chamfering. But in the use of root cutting edge chamfer edge chamfering process, should pay attention to the tool thread cutting part and the thread should have a certain gap, in order to avoid the interference phenomenon such as effective cutting length. Depth of thread machining is smaller than that of the tool, the tool will not be able to achieve the chamfering, therefore cutting tool choice should ensure that the effective cutting length and depth of thread matched with each other.