end mill

1.Thread spiral drilling cutter

The spiral drilling milling is a kind of solid carbide cutting tools for machining internal thread, one can also produce bottom hole and thread. The tool end is like mills as the cutting edge. The thread of the helix angle is small, so the cutter spiral movement when processing thread end cutting edge firstcutting the workpiece material processing hole, and then by the rear cutter machining threads. Some screw auger cutters with chamfer edge, can be processed simultaneously. The processing efficiency of the orifice chamfering tool is very high, and general than the thread of drilling and milling cutter, cutter machining internal thread diameter range of D ~ 2D .

2.Thread milling tool system

General and efficient thread cutter is one of the prominent contradiction, some have a composite function of tool processing efficiency is high but less common, and often universal tool efficiency is not high. In order to solve this problem, a lot of tool system thread milling tool manufacturers developed a modular. The tool consists of handle, countersinking chamfering edge and common thread cutter. According to the processing requirements to choose different types of countersinking chamfering edge and thread cutter. This tool system has good universality, high processing efficiency, but the tool cost is high.

The above general functions and characteristics of several common thread milling cutter. In milling thread, cooling is also crucial, recommend the use of tools and machines with internal cooling function. Because the tool rotates at a high speed, the centrifugal force under the action of external cooling liquid is not easy to enter. In the cooling mode can well for cooling the tool, which is more important in the processing of blind screw high-pressure coolant helps chip cooling, pressure processing small diameter thread holes especially need higher, to ensure smooth chip removal. In addition, in the selection of thread milling cutter should also consider the specific requirements of the processing, such as mass production, the number of holes the workpiece material, thread precision, size and other factors, a comprehensive selection of tool.