With the raw material of tungsten steel milling cutter is made of hard alloy, commonly known as tungsten steel.

High-speed steel mills are made of high-speed steel.

Hard alloy cutter is made of hard alloy round bar is made, with universal CNC tool grinder for grinding wheel for steel processing equipment, processing tools, by computer or G-code editing processing route of manufacturing a molding and processing method, has the high efficiency, high precision, mass production has the advantages of good consistency so, for the shortcomings of most equipment for imported products, the general price of more than 1 million yuan.

here is the use of ordinary processing equipment, divided into slot grinding machining spiral groove end tooth machining end and end after trimming machine (week tooth machine) this week processing tooth, products need to be processed according to various sections separately, the cost of manpower cost is very high, and the quality of mass production the products are skilled workers themselves rely on operating machine to control, so poor in accuracy and consistency.

In addition, the quality of hard alloy milling also depends on the selection of carbide materials brand, usually in accordance with the material to be processed to select alloy grade, in general, the smaller the alloy grain, the better.