Our company provides processing and service for auto parts, machine parts, and parts, etc. Meanwhile, the team is committed to providing customers with the processing and manufacturing solutions and cutting tools supporting service companies.
Our company is working with Xiamen Kingroad company, LTD., which is used in aerospace, mold industry, automobile industry, mechanical equipment, communication equipment and electronic industry. Won the favor of numerous market customers, becomes the best choice of precision manufacturing!
The milling cutter uses the original bar lapping, the precision milling cutter in Australia are used in the PLATIT and bales, to ensure the maximum performance and processing stability of the product. Series testing of the products is through high-speed CNC machine field application test, the cutting efficiency, precision, abrasion resistance and service life have reached even more than Japan and South Korea series tools effect, some have reached Europe and the United States the effect, the price is very high.
Demanded by the masses of customers, our company have opened tool grinding center to further resolve customer production costs, improve tool life, reduce the waste of resources, fully meet the customers’ willingness, improve customer product market competition.

The pursuit of excellence in our company products the best performance, use action to service for customers, best to solve the problem of customer production costs, the moment the best tool to personalize cutting scheme and authors attentively, be the best strategic partner of many cooperation customers word of mouth.