In order to adapt to the manufacturing technology facing the product diversification of higher production efficiency and environmental protection requirements, have appeared in high speed cutting, the new processing technology of dry cutting. The cutting time of high speed cutting technology in machining process is significantly reduced, this is the new tool material and coating of the results of this. On the basis of the further increase of cutting parameters to improve the productivity of the potential is very limited.

Another way is to increase productivity as much as possible to reduce the auxiliary time. First, the delivery time for many before and after the tool change time and process of complex parts processing methods are decomposed into many processes and uses many tools. Reduce the time is of practical significance to improve the productivity. One of them has been proved very effective. The practice is to use the multifunctional combined tool to replace the function of a single standard tool, and the correct selection and reasonable use of the combined tool can achieve the desired effect.

Form of combined cutter

So far, the combination cutter has a variety of forms. The common step drill is a kind of simple combination tool, which is characterized in that a cutting knife in a few processing the same process. The combined tool is complex often integrated several knives can be completed in different process, such as drilling and drilling cutter a combination of milling and cutting is usually divided into several path or in different station in order to complete several knife. This is a combination of the most typical tool, can cover a wide range of processing, both – Chamfer combination knife has simple drilling, the integration of the 5 to 10 knife special combination the tool. And there is a more complex: the combination tool integrated with internal drive mechanism motion assisted cutting or rotating shaft, mechanical and mechanical electronic two, parts can meet the special requirements of the processing parts, such a structure or machine tool on The control system often has special requirements to achieve the control of the movement of the tool parts.