1.The advantages of a combination tool.

The main advantage of combined cutting tool is to improve production efficiency. Such as the use of 4 step drill, a piston hole processing time shortened about 70%. in addition to the tool change time saving, users can also benefit from the vacated machine tool position and reduce the tool chuck, the knife position vacated can make backup tool replace the machine work. At the same time as the tool to reduce the number, so the tool can simplify the management of cost savings.

A combination tool expensive, technicians believe that in the calculation should be considered due to the decrease of holder and save administrative costs are therefore compensation; a special standard knife combination tool can replace more and more it will be early to be adopted. In addition, in processing quality, combined application of special tool is also advantageously, the positioning precision of the machine tool is not so important, such as a multi step hole in a tool path in machining, hole misalignment error is also reduced, because in front of the bit centering effect on the back of the hole to play. He also pointed out that using a combination of complex machine tool the operator will have the corresponding knowledge, so they should be properly trained.

2.The prospects for the development of a combination tool.

The combined tool structure at present more and more complex to be recognized by the user. To promote the development of the combined tool and expand the scope of use, the tool manufacturers in the development of these tools at the same time, must take into account the problems users encounter, seek solutions, and take various measures and tools including the development of a flexible and controllable, coating technology the development of tool material and geometry, in order to reduce the cost of the tool, or even put the tool production to low manufacturing cost to the production area.

But there are only in the flexible combination tool without changing machine and control system can be smoothly connected or is able to promote the new; combination tool will put each factor associated with processing efficiency, such as base material, coating material, geometry and other factors, should according to the specific processing object to be optimized to form comprehensive advantages at the same time, due to save auxiliary time and improve the utilization degree of these advantages, achieve higher productivity. This to improve the cutting efficiency and reduce the comprehensive application of the auxiliary time trend, will promote the application of the combined tool more widely.