Concepts of reamers:

A reamer is a rotary tool with one or more cutter teeth for removing thin metal on the surface of the machined hole. The reamer has a rotary cutting tool with a straight edge or a spiral edge. It is used for reaming or repairing holes.

Because of the small amount of cutting, the machining accuracy of the reamer is usually higher than that of the drill bit. It can be operated manually or installed on a drilling machine.

Reamer has one or more teeth, with a rotating tool to remove machined holes on the surface of a thin layer of metal. Rotary precision machining tool with straight blade or spiral blade, used for reaming or repair hole, because less cutting its machining precision is usually higher than the bit can be manually operated or installed in the drilling work.

Types of reamers:

The structure of the reamer is mostly composed of the working part and the handle part. The working part mainly takes the function of cutting and calibrating. The diameter of the calibrating part has an inverted taper, and the handle is used for clamping by the clamp, and has the straight handle and the taper handle.

According to different purposes can be divided into many kinds of reamer and so on reamer is more standard, some of our standards are commonly used with GB/T1131 hand reamer, reamer with straight shank machine GB/T1132, GB/T1139 straight shank taper reamer and so on.

To use is divided into reamer reamer and hand reamer reaming machine, according to the shape is divided into cylindrical and conical reamer reamer (1:50 taper pin reamers with Morse taper reamer two types standard taper reamer reamer). The groove direction, a straight groove and the spiral groove, the material used for high speed steel, carbide inserts.

The hand reamer is made of alloy tool steel (9SiCr), the machine reamer is made of high speed steel (HSS), and the machine reamer is divided into straight shank, machine reamer and taper shank machine reamer. The accuracy of the reamer is D4, H7, H8, H9 and so on.