Selection of drills


The tungsten steel drill, first of all need to consider the size precision machining drilling requirements. In general, the processed aperture is smaller, its tolerance is smaller. Therefore, the drill is usually according to the hole size on the classification of the nominal diameter of the bit.


In addition to considering the drilling accuracy requirements, select the bits needed to consider the stability of the machine. The machine stability for the safe use of life and the accuracy of drilling bit is very important, therefore need to carefully check the machine tool spindle, fixture and accessories working condition.

3.chip removaland coolant

Chip is the drilling processing problems can not be ignored. In fact, drilling is poor chip removal most of the problems in processing (especially the processing of low carbon steel workpiece), and no matter what bits are unable to avoid this problem. Processing workshop often used externally injected coolant auxiliary chip, but this method is only in the processing and reduce the cutting parameters is less than Kong Shen aperture case.

4.machining cost per hole

Productivity or per hole processing cost is the most important factors influencing the drilling process. In order to improve the productivity, drill manufacturers are dedicated to the study of processing method for integrating multiple operations, and can be used to develop high feed, high speed machining of the drilling tool.