To some extent, processing of the composite material is actually the process reversed, because the workshop’s attention to different parts of the process. The metal material processing aviation parts need a power machine, but only need to use common tools, and can ensure the safety of the fixture simple processing. On the contrary, milling and drilling of composite materials is usually carried out in the light machine power is much smaller, but may need to adopt high-end tool, fixture and to use custom, so that in the whole process of the work piece to prevent its close support, rigid thin wall vibration and damage.

Here are some key points of processing of carbon fiber composite materials may need to be considered.

1.tool materials

Hard alloy cutter can be used for processing composite materials, but because of the short life, in the process often requires frequent tool changing.

Diamond cutting tool may have longer service life. The process of CFRP, diamond tools available include diamond abrasive grinding rod, CVD diamond coating tools or integral PCD blade.

An unusual tool developed specifically for the processing of composite materials is “the whole sintering diamond tool, the tool is the diamond material filling slot in hard alloy handle specially designed and manufactured in direct sintering.

2.tool geometry

At least in one aspect, the composite “crush” removal mechanism of metal materials with “deformation” removal mechanism is similar as in metal cutting, the cutting energy is converted to heat.

CFRP heat is especially difficult because the processing will be generated when the chip can take away the heat, and the thermal conductivity of composite materials is poor. The resulting heat accumulation of the matrix material in danger of melting or otherwise damaged. The coolant may also It doesn’t help the situation. composite materials because the processing, some parts are not allowed to use the cooling liquid therefore, only through reasonable selection of tool and tool path to suppress the cutting heat.