In general, cutting sharp corner is one of the key elements to reduce the cutting heat. Cutter milling and drilling of composite materials is often used before Taisho angle, in order to minimize the amount of heat, to achieve rapid, sharp, neat cutting. These tools also have a greater angle, to prevent the cutting edge friction heating go and the workpiece in the knife.

1.the clamping of the workpiece

Although the processing of composite parts needed may be relatively simple — often only need drilling and trimming, but a fixture for supporting these parts itself may have very high requirements of the design. In fact, the fixture parts processing for composite materials may require costly investment projects. In order to achieve clean cutting. To ensure that the workpiece does not wear pilling, not delaminate, requires reliable positioning of the workpiece, firm clamping, will not vibrate. The machining of composite materials (especially machining thin-walled) usually requires the use of vacuum adsorption clamp and the shape of workpiece precision fit. Select the processing workshop of mechanical clamping device is usually used damping pad.

2.machining machine tools

The contour shape of composite aircraft parts generally require the processing of five axis machine tools. Some previous machining metal parts workshop may use their original five axis machine tool. However, processing of the composite material (at least CFRP processing), usually does not require processing metal materials as big machine power and torque. In fact, in some parts of the metal processing usually cannot light CNC router, can effectively CFRP processing and other composite materials.