Selection of tool presetting instrument

Select the tool presetter should know, in most cases, the measuring range of the instrument is unable to expand, this point is very important. Therefore, the maximum length and diameter of processing workshop must be clearly measured tool, buy to meet the presetter this kind of demand, and greater leeway tool size may arise in the future the tool presetter. There is no limit on the minimum size of tool. Select the tool presetter, need another factor to consider is the different handle type used in the workshop. The adapter or interchangeable spindle presetter manufacturers can provide alternative, to adapt to a variety of different types of hilt. However, processing the workshop should be clear, so we need to pay extra.

Another consideration is the tool presetter installed on the way. The basic presetter is adsorption tool assembly clamped on the spindle apparatus by gravity or vacuum. The tool presetter is high-grade usually uses a retention knob to the clamping tool. Using the vacuum gripper. If the handle is dirt or oil, or the operator will not spindle hole clean, it may cause measurement error. Some tool presetter can be used in addition to other clamping, clamping tool is also equipped with a heat shrinkable function, and built an induction heating device.