Third kinds of measurement data using possibly offset compensation data is written to the RFID chip is pasted on the tool chuck. The machine uses a RFID reader to read these data. The control system is the use of the RFID chip, you can through multiple measurements to correct the measurement result. Through the analysis of these data. You can keep track of tool life, and before the parts size precision or surface finish problems timely replacement tool.

Preservation of measurement data

Using the tool presetter, can keep workshop tool presetting results, and stored in a database. If the processing workshop has a variety of different processing tasks, you need to set the table with management tool presetter. Set the table can be defined for each kind of processing tasks, and stored in a database if 6 months later encountered the same processing tasks, can be transferred to the part number, immediately know which need to use the tool.

Some tool presetter can also generate 2D profile tool. These high-end models can download the workpiece with complex shape DFX file, the user can be used as a template, the tool profile is compared with a specific contour is processed. In addition, users can also DXF file tool profile records in the pre adjustment apparatus, and send it to the CAD system, the control of the measurement of another file, or create a file. Can also be measured data output to the.Mastercam software programming or verification software can tell the tool presetter tool in which the need for setting, these data will be stored in the presetter in the database.