Consider batch processing

In general, the use of various types of tool, machining workshop and rarely repeated processing of identical parts should use manual tool presetter. Most workshops are to buy manual presetter, they only need to measure the tool length and diameter. Often transform tool and the machining tasks of the workshop is usually used for manual presetting instrument, because they do not need to enter large amounts of data. This workshop has the tool presetter advantage is: if there is no pre setting instrument, the operator had to spend a lot of time on the machine on each tool for measuring.

We use various types of tools, the need for a large number of tool setting. Automatic tool presetter is not suitable for us, because we will not repeat the same processing parts. Using the tool, the parameters are reset by presetter, then you can direct a processing to the end of tool life.

A specific processing bias compensation data stored in a tool set table. The offset compensation value has been stored in the tool presetter, so we only need to set the desired length. Do not need to machine tool for sending data, because the length of the tool parameters have been set up. We only need to ensure that the tool is changed next, the length of cutting processing and processing time are the same.

However, in general, for those large batch processing workshop often use the same tool to repeat the same processing, automatic tool presetting instrument is a good choice. Batch processing workshop usually adopts the same tool and tool chuck, processing method and size tolerance has a little change. They are the best selection of automatic type presetter, because they want the operator is only required to be the tool clamping instrument to the spindle, press the button and let the instrument automatically completed the measurement tool, without human intervention.

Whether it is in the central processing workshop tool room or assembly tools in the workshop, presetter can work effectively. Closed design can provide protection for presetter sensitive parts, influence from the dust and cooling liquid, and the instrument is easy to clean. In addition, in order to prevent deformation, tool presetting instrument are often used for the good thermal stability of the material.

For a process shop, the investment in buying a tool presetting device ultimately depends on whether it can best improve productivity or improve machining operations.