Improving the tool life by selecting tool geometry parameters-2


The factors that affect the tool durability can be divided into five aspects: cutting parameters, geometric parameters of the tool, workpiece material, cutting tool materials, grinding quality of the tool and lubrication cooling conditions.

Effect of cutting parameters on tool durability

Cutting: cutting speed V, feed rate and cutting depth of F AP on the influence of tool life is: the increasing of cutting parameters, the cutting temperature, tool wear faster, tool durability decreased. But due to the cutting speed, feed rate and cutting depth three influence on cutting temperature in different degrees, so the impact on the the tool life is different.

Effect of tool geometry parameters on tool durability

The rake angle of the tool life is very obvious, the angle is too large, reduce the strength of blade, poor heat dissipation, easy to damage; the angle is too small, and the cutting force and cutting temperature increase too much, the two cases in which the durability will decrease, rake angle effect on tool durability a hump shape, the top corner of life. To reduce the main angle kappa gamma 1, increase the strength of the cutter, improve heat dissipation, increased durability. In addition decreasing angle kappa gamma and increasing the corner radius can improve cutting strength, improve heat dissipation, so that the tool wear is high. The tool geometry the parameters have significant influence on the tool life, is one of the important signs of tool geometric parameters are reasonable and advanced or not.

Effect of workpiece material on tool durability

The strength of the workpiece material, the higher the hardness, cutting temperature is higher, so the tool wear more quickly, cutting the lower durability. Cutting carbon steel, carbon steel has great influence on the tool life. The higher the carbon content, cementite and pearlite of the greater proportion, hardness the higher the tool wear is very fast. Therefore high carbon steel cutting tool wear faster, durable low carbon steel; cutting tool wear is relatively slow, the durability is relatively high. In addition the extension of main factors of processing material durability, improved tool materials elongation or low thermal conductivity, are the cutting performance of cutting, the hardness of the material cutting temperature, tool wear is reduced. The material, its wear resistance is higher. The cutting part of the material is also a major factor affecting the tool life, improve the cutting performance, the hardness of the material, the Wear resistance is also high