In micro machining, the size of parts may be very small, and what kind of cutting tools and processing options can be a variety of choices. Because micro machining faces various challenges, therefore, the choice of the correct machining method is of great importance.

By optimizing the processing technology of small parts, the parts and components can be saved, the processing cycle is shortened, the tool cost is reduced, the idle time of machine tools is reduced and the processing quality of parts is improved

With the progress of technology, in order to help improve the production efficiency of small parts, has a reliable application, can provide technical support and consultation tool partners is very important. Usually, according to different industries and processing types to determine the improvement of the cutting process is a good starting point.

Manufacturing of electronic and telecommunication products

All kinds of electronic and telecommunication products of components, but the processing of these parts of the challenges are similar: the part to be processed in batch, and the quality of the parts and the surface roughness of the extremely stringent requirements. In addition, in the rapid development of science and technology in the industry, the pressure to cut costs is very large.

Because of the function of the spare parts requirements continue to improve, more and more electronic products with hard processing materials, it has also become another obstacle to the processing of these parts. Micro tool suitable for processing many electronic components (such as the fine structure of the disc tray), the processing usually involves the inner circle turning, cutting, cutting and thread processing.

As a result of such processing requirements of precision, therefore, choose a safety clamping system can ensure the correct positioning of the cutting edge of indexable insert type lathe tool is very important. With the lathe tool, the best use of small feed rate cutting at the beginning, in order to ensure the safety of the blade and the machining surface finish, and then improve the the feed rate in order to improve the chip breaking performance. In addition, should also be the cutting depth is greater than the radius, with a common problem as much as possible to reduce the blade radial variation — this is the diameter in processing.