Medical device manufacturing

Medical device manufacturers face many of the same and electronic component manufacturers challenge. Due to the increasing demand for medical and dental devices, the manufacturer must speed up production, improve the predictability of cost efficiency and processing. The medical device quality and high corrosion resistance is extremely important, but the most commonly used materials: titanium alloy and cobalt chromium alloy it is very difficult to machining. In order to meet the requirements of the implant body, must use the corrosion resistance and good abrasion resistance, biocompatibility of small materials, but these materials (especially artificial hip) may be very difficult to process.

A common feature of many medical devices is the thread profile of the complex, with the high precision machining. Bone screw challenges often lies in its large slenderness ratio. The screw length is far greater than its diameter, making the process more difficult, because the processing screw is easily bent. In addition, now a lot of bone screw requirements greater by spiral angle with single blade screw thread tool for processing more difficult.

Thread milling (a cutting edge is arranged at the inner cutter instead of peripheral milling process) is a processing method with higher productivity. This technology is very suitable for the Swiss type CNC lathe, because between the tool and the guide sleeve of the short distance, is conducive to enhancing support and reduce the vibration.

With a whirlwind thread milling process processing of medical bone screws. The blade is arranged on the inner ring around the thread of whirlwind milling cutter rotating cylindrical workpiece and machining threads, smooth tangential cutting motion can reduce the cutting force, improve the rate of metal removal.

In order to reduce the chatter (the maximum possible problem of thread milling) and prolong tool life, manufacturers should choose not to install screw blade equidistant ring. Because it is a whirlwind mill processing of high strength materials, milling insert should bear a great impact, so we must choose high hardness and fine grain matrix and coated blade wear resistant coating, to prolong tool life and improve the surface finish.