Automobile industry

Many auto parts with a metal sheet through the die formed body parts (such as doors, hood, fenders and other small car parts). But there are also many large batch processing (such as transmission shaft and gear). To reduce the cost per piece is the main object of mass processing of these parts. The key factors to achieve seamless production including process safety, processing cycle and product quality.

The transmission shaft and gear machining, steel turning to occupy the dominant position. However, careful selection of appropriate insert brands is crucial for turning steel, because this will pave the way for hard turning higher efficiency, if the work still needs grinding, can reduce the grinding allowance, resulting in lower processing costs per piece.

After optimization of the scraping blade and the cubic boron nitride (CBN) model tool combination can meet the grade of hard turning transmission parts requirements. After optimization of the scraping blade for high speed machining fine car surface hardened transmission parts. It uses a knife head locking technology, realize mechanical interlock multiple cutter the brazing position of high temperature zone away from the cutting knife head, compared with the traditional design, safety has higher strength and better. The mechanical interlocking cutter head can bear by the feed, cutting depth and intermittent cutting stress, which is able to maintain a reasonable choice of balance between satisfying the surface quality and dimensional accuracy and improve productivity.

Selecting tools and processes

Micro machining presents a unique set of challenges, not only because the workpiece size is very small, but in need of these small parts of the industry, most of the work hard processing materials, and has a complex geometry. With this kind of challenge, medical devices, aerospace and electronics industry increasingly fierce competition, the technical requirements have become the higher the need for large batch processing, and a large investment in the tool and blade.