Common applications

Different tool manufacturer of indexable turning tool is very versatile. Turning the blade according to common shapes such as diamond, square and round to manufacturing, the size and shape of the blade with ANSI and ISO standard. This versatility can make the process personnel free choice of blade material and blade groove. Because all the mainstream tool manufacturers according to the relevant standards of production of cutting blade, therefore, to select a best performance of the blade is relatively easy.

Unlike the indexable turning tool, milling cutter with different blade shapes and different groove milling tool manufacturers, users can purchase the corresponding tool manufacturers. Nevertheless, tool manufacturers have the shape of the blade for its proprietary development a series of cutter body, a blade can be used in a series the knife body, thereby reducing the inventory and make use of technology personnel more flexible.

Most tool manufacturers can be customized non standard indexable forming cutter. Effective way of forming milling cutter is complete complex shapes, and can improve production efficiency and reduce tool inventory. Usually, a ladder, the parts required multiple tool joint processing and arc chamfering feature. If the combination of indexable forming cutter to process it can shorten the production time, reduce tool inventory and improve parts quality.

Customized non-standard indexable cutters are expensive and usually require modifications of the blade, so the blade is expensive. For these reasons, custom indexable cutters are usually used for mass production or for expensive parts

A major technical progress of transposition milling tool lies on the large mold cavity plunge milling. Due to the rough machining tool for deep cavity or ladder is very long, in the traditional processing technology, cutting tool flank feeding induced vibration. The rough machining tool inserted cutter according to the axial feed, can make the cutting force the best part of the machine tool spindle taper guide rigid. Need long cutting tool with plunge milling can bring high metal removal rate.