Carbide inserts

Calloy introduced a trio of universal, positive insert geometries that reduce downtime and boost performance in steel, stainless and iron machining (ISO material types P, M, and K).

The new Silver MP4, MM4 and MK4 are light cutting and universal positive geometries in both 7° and 11° positive rake angles along with precision-ground and precision-sintered cutting edges. The chip forming geometry features a 12° rake angle for excellent shearing action when cutting stainless or low-carbon steel, along with an additional 18° chip groove in the corner radius area for excellent chip control in light finishing cuts. The S- and V- style inserts also have a curved main cutting edge for reduced cutting forces and clearance in profiling operations.


Typical applications for the new geometries include boring operations of all types, profile turning, turning or boring of thin wall or unstable workpieces; internal machining with long overhangs; and on Swiss type machines or multi-spindle machines. The new Tiger·tec Silver MP4, MM4, and MK4 geometries are available in grades WPP10S, WPP20S, WMP20S, WKK10S, WKK20S.


Field tests have shown that these new geometries provide longer tool life, better chip control, greater reliability and performance increases of up to 75% thanks to their Silver coating.