The company‘s general drilling line includes precision drilling for precision drilling of silver and diamond. These decompression drills provide versatility and reliability.

The precision drill A56 is an inch diameter round handle suitable for an inch – in – holder bit. Regular flutes and total length allow minimum adjustment of drilling machine. Suitable for low – to moderate tensile strength of various materials.

The precision twist drill A57 features three planes with a diameter of an inch and a corrected anti-skid.

Precision twist drill A56CO is produced by high quality cobalt steel for improving hardness, abrasion resistance and thermal resistance. It is characterized by a 118 a self-centering locations, accurate positioning and easier to insert A56CO is an ideal material of tensile strength of high strength, can produce high cutting temperature, such as high alloy steel, iron castings, stainless steel and other hard processing material.

WE cutting tool company carbide tool set of the introduction of the new “rapid drilling” geometry, according to the report, which provides unprecedented cutting speed and tool life than ever, including grey cast iron, nodular cast iron and forging steel, these are the popularity of automotive engine and chassis components material. With a new round radius design, it has nothing to do with the Angle of the drill, but it has nothing to do with the diameter. These verified designs solve the challenging, high-yielding drilling applications. Tool selection includes standard drill and endmill procedures for all materials groups; Special tools include step drilling, coring, reamer, taper drill, tapered reamer and assembly tools (drilling and milling), and provide superior cost/performance ratio.

In decades of experience and engineering, Calloy tools provide a single tool for drilling operations, providing solutions for project management of all solid carbide tools. The precision and precision are ensured by industry-leading innovative design, ultra-modern CNC grinder and strict iso 9001 quality system.

Calloy’s sales and application engineers can assist with the selection and design of tools to meet specific application requirements with the best geometry, the latest carbonization grade and advanced coatings. Fast and reliable delivery time, with decades of experience in the design and manufacture of precision hole tools.