What is general fpc1?

We all know that if it is a general-purpose fpc1, they are an ideal way to make threads on the fpc2 mill, and, in most metals, it can be used.

What is high performance fpc2?

High performance fpc4 is provided by fpc3, which can be used on most metals, but ideally for threaded aluminum and stainless steel components. The cutting tools are made of fpc5, and the titanium carbide coating is the characteristic of it, and the bottom of the bottom, the spiral is 40 degrees.

What is fpc5 conical tool?

Fpc8 and fpc7 are tools that can be affordable and portable. All you can use is a 32 JT tree and a match to give up.

What is fpc9 tool system -fpc8 cone tool

Below are the contents of fpc9 and drill chuck.

Fpc5 is used to install key and keyless drill clips. We can see that for many typical drilling applications, as an option is affordable, and it also has generality and hold a series of bit size can be placed with a drill.

Fpc7 cone fpc0, and compatible keying and keyless drill CARDS are all owned by us. If you want to order, the size of your drill chuck size with the corresponding arbor match is what you need to do. Only for the drill bit is fpc9, for milling or other side cutting loads are not supposed to be, because the chuck from fpc5 is often dissected by these types of cuts. Below are the features of fpc1 milling cutter: it is single-ended, has a fixed length, and is plated with titanium.

Two kinds of flute, most of which are designed for general use, are fpc5, including steel. A dark gray fpc5 coating is made of these cutting tools and is well known for its heat resistance and hardness.