Advantages of indexable cutters

From the last century since the end of 20s, the hard alloy cutting tools have been widely used in the field of metal cutting. In 1950, cutting tool with carbide blade is gradually widely used in metal cutting, until it is still an essential tool for metal cutting.

Indexable cutters are usually made of steel knives, etc. the cutter body is machined with a blade slot for accurate positioning of the blade. The steel cutter body needs to clamp the blade, and a combination of the cutter body and the blade is mounted on the machine tool

Advantages of indexable cutters for monolithic cutters

In the use of cemented carbide indexable inserts, need whole tool machine removed from the heavy mill. Due to the heavy grinding workload, large factories are usually built to carry heavy grinding workshop tool regrinding. Therefore, using one of the most significant benefits of indexable tool is not required to remove from the production site the tool can realize the cutting edge. The cutting edge of the blade update updates are usually achieved by using the following methods: loosen the clamping blade, rotate or flip (translocation) blade to a new cutting edge, or install a new blade to replace completely worn blade.

Although in some occasions the use of the whole drill, tap and other tools in the turning process of overall, modern, indexable turning tool has been in a dominant position. With the popularity of the CNC machine, indexable tool has effectively replaced the high-speed steel cutting tool, hard alloy brazing tool and special forming cutter. With the help of CNC tool and multi axis linkage almost without the use of special cutting tool, indexable turning tool can simplify the generation of complex shapes.

In addition, the use of indexable drill than whole high-speed steel or hard alloy bit using the traditional advantage in the lathe. Usually with indexable drill, the drill bit deviated from the center hole to hole, so there is no need to use boring for boring. Because of the CNC lathe turret is usually caused by wear. Damage in the standard drill, the indexable drill will be more adapted to the right.

Like indexable drill, the cutting blade cutting blade turning function diversification, represents a tremendous progress in turning tool. Only the old feed groove cut in one direction, and the groove cutting blade can be used to cut in radial and axial direction.