High-speed steel is a high alloy tool steel with more W, Mo, Cr, V and other alloying elements added. High-speed steel cutting tools in the strength, toughness and processability and other aspects with excellent overall performance, in complex tools, especially the manufacture of hole processing tools, milling cutters, thread cutting tools, broaches, cutting tools, Occupy the main position. High-speed steel tools easily grind sharp cutting edges.

According to different purposes, high-speed steel can be divided into general-purpose high-speed steel and high-speed steel.

Universal high-speed steel cutting tools

Universal high-speed steel. Generally divided into tungsten steel, tungsten and molybdenum two types. Such high-speed steel containing plus (C) of 0.7% to 0.9%. According to the amount of tungsten in the steel can be divided into W containing 12% or 18% tungsten steel containing W is 6% or 8% of the tungsten and molybdenum steel, containing 2% W or no molybdenum steel M . Universal high-speed steel with a certain degree of hardness (63-66HRC) and wear resistance, high strength and toughness, good plasticity and processing technology, it is widely used in the manufacture of a variety of complex tools.

High-performance high-speed steel cutting tools

High-performance high-speed steel refers to the general high-speed steel composition to add some carbon content, vanadium content and the addition of Co, Al and other alloying elements of the new steel, which can improve its heat resistance and wear resistance. There are several major categories: EV4, M42, V3N.