In addition to the material of the cutter, the tool selection, the tool shank, the structure, the method and the cost are also included.

1.tool shank

The knife handle with the increase of the cutting speed, the spindle / toolholder interface performance under the influence of centrifugal force changes directly affect the machining accuracy of the workpiece and the surface roughness, therefore, to adapt to the connector tool to the NC machine tool and machining clamp and machine tools, such as HSK heat sleeve handle, handle, handle hydraulic and other new tool has been widely used.

2.tool structure

In order to improve production efficiency and reduce tool change time, the auto parts processing, the increasing use of a variety of composite tools, such as drilling and boring and reaming composite, composite, composite drill and thread processing etc. The complex structure of the expansion tool to meet a lot of special processing requirements, and even some tool the development of a machine, electrical, hydraulic integration device, has been far beyond the traditional concept of the tool; because the powertrain uses a lot of processing in the production procedure, production directly affects the working procedure of the production, in order to improve production efficiency and reduce production cost, and uses the combined tool a large number of and the resulting non-standard cutting tools.

3.tool cost

The tool consumption is related to many factors, requires specific conditions. In general the tool cost at the same time, more important is to see the cost of a single product processing tool consumption. Not only to see the tool cost directly, but also depends on the tool influence on production efficiency and changes of the total manufacturing cost caused by the the performance of the new knife. The life and influence on the purchase price of the tooling cost is very large, while the number of heavy grinding tools, heavy grinding times and grinding costs, the total cost of the tool also has a significant impact; therefore, the need to consider the time of equipment and tool of investment and long-term consumption of tool the relationship between costs, need to consider and balance.