The influence of tool material, tool holder, tool structure and tool cost on tool selection is introduced. The selection of cutting tools, the method of machining and the tool supplier are also considered.

1.process method

In order to give full play to the role of high efficiency flexible wire cutter, put forward many new requirements for the process, such as a tool to consider with more complete processing different processes on the same workpiece, to reduce the tool inventory, tool change frequency limit, reduce the manufacturing cost; at the same time, but also for some technical difficulties, special the tool design, tool or a smart composite tool, in order to solve the problem of machining precision and efficiency.

2.tool suppliers

To determine the tool selection including tool suppliers. Because machining is a system problem, process changes, machine tool, fixture, cutting fluid, has a significant impact on the tool life cutting parameters, tool structure influences the machining performance of the cutting tool material, cutting parameters and process. Determination of surface coating, cutting fluid is closely connected. The tool must go through the cutting test after cutting tests on the tool and supplier selection; at the same time, the modern automobile manufacturing industry also requires the cutting tool supplier can not only provide the overall solution, and can provide timely and effective on-site technical support, and the formation of automobile manufacturing a business partnership.