Reamer has one or more cutter, rotary cutter to cut holes machined surface of thin metal layers. After processing after the hole cutter can obtain the exact size and shape.

Reamer for reaming workpieces have been drilling (or hole) after machining holes, mainly in order to improve the machining precision of hole, reducing the surface roughness, tool is used for finishing and semi finishing machining of holes, generally small machining allowance.

The reamer used for processing cylindrical hole. More commonly used for processing of the tapered hole reamer is taper reamer, relatively less. According to the use of a hand reamer reamer and machine, machine reamers can be divided into straight shank reamer and taper shank reamer. The hand is a straight handle type.

2.Application notices

A.manual reaming general precautions:

a. the work should be clamped correctly

b.In the reaming process, both hands should be balanced with force

c. When thereamer exits, it can not be reversed. Because the reamer has a rear angle, the reverse of the reamer will cause the chip to plug between the reamer tooth and the hole wall, and it will scratch the hole wall. At the same time, the reamer is easy to wear

d. After the reamer is used, clean it, apply the oil, and pack the box so as not to bruise the blade

B. machine hinges, pay attention to the reaming speed and the amount of the cutter

C.In reaming, a reasonable cooling lubricant must be adopted

D. hand guide conehand is smaller, the front angle and back angle are smaller, and the blade is sharper. Generally, the blade band is narrower, or the guide cone is not at all