Many workshops are not willing to spend money to buy the tool presetter, because they do not belong to the processing equipment, can not directly create economic benefits. But in fact, and in the machine tool measuring tool, compared with automatic tool measuring system or the use of machine tools with the machine use the tool presetter tool can shorten the machine downtime, and to obtain long-term rewards more lucrative.

1.function and characteristic

The tool presetting instrument is mainly used to measure the length and diameter of the cutter, and other functions include measuring the radius of the tool nose, the angle of cutting and the angle of the tool. They can also be used to detect whether the cutting edge of the tool is damaged or not

The machine shop foreman Connecticut, a manufacturing of aerospace parts said, “we use the axial offset of tool presetting instrument to adjust the tool. We use many copying tool, such as forming cutter and cutter tool on the orifice, many different angles and radius measurement. In addition, we also use the tool pre adjusting instrument to adjust the boring bar, boring boring set in diameter.” before the pre setting instrument with edge detection function, the crosshair with image tool move, the operator can be adjusted to a given diameter boring head.

2.manual and automatic measurement

The tool presetter now can display real-time imaging tool on the computer screen by using video imaging technology. Using this manual presetting instrument, the operator can be moving the camera to be measured at the edge of the tool, the tool image displayed on the monitor. The measurement software including the crosshair can automatically capture the cutting edge, thus no need to move to the edge of the cutter is fixed at the crosshair.

Automatic tool presetter driven by CNC system. Operator is only required to be fitted to the tool presetter, and start the macro program of mobile camera, to carry out the automatic measurement of any type of tool. The repeatability precision of tool presetting instrument usually + 2 M. tool presetter can adopt different coordinate system. Therefore, if the operator to the tools used in measuring machine No. 1, you can call this a group of zero; tool in measuring machine No. 2, you can also call it a group of zero.