Disadvantages of indexable cutters


Indexable tool also has shortcomings. The blade is usually in the mold made of powder and binder alloy. After high pressure press forming, and then sintered at high temperature, the alloy powder combined with other materials, and the blade has a certain strength. The press blade is higher than grinding blade strength. Although the blade strength higher. But the blade is not sharp enough, limit the effectiveness of shallow depth of cut, thus finishing more difficult.

The milling cutter with a plurality of blades, the blade and the blade size changes of the socket, will enable the cutting edge of the blade is different in different planes. The result is a poor surface finish or obvious jump line. In this case, only the tool of another type of finishing.

As the tool industry continues to demand modular, low inventory, high productivity, longer tool life and general tool solutions, indexable cutting tools will continue to improve and replace obsolete tooling.