The company has introduced its Calloy USA microdrill production line to the north American market. According to the company, the quality of the product line and its competitive pricing make it an attractive project. Located in Europe, the plant has been providing sophisticated products since 1928. For years, Calloy USA for the Swiss watch industry has been about microprecision.

Standard product size starts. 1mm(0.0039) to 3mm (0.118), in the hss-e-8% cobalt and 10% microgranular solid carbide, including the pilot point, 4-5-x D, 5-7 X D and 6-7 X D (high performance) series. Order the product within 2-3 weeks (10 pieces).

The Sec tool introduced the company’s new AM1 and AM2 polycrystalline diamond (PCD) drilling RIGS for composite manufacturing. It is reported that the new diamond cutting-edge technology to eliminate cutting fiber in the composite processing or layered problems, and make the company successfully developed the industry’s first three PCD groove geometry (AM1) used for composite drilling. AM1 and AM2 PCD are designed to provide the sharpest and most powerful cutting edges available now, using reliable PCD techniques. These techniques can be sharper than the PCD coating, and when the coating is applied, the package cuts the edge and produces a blunt effect. The additional advantages of new solid PCD include high cutting speed, long knife life, low friction, excellent thermal conductivity, multiple sharpening ability and high process reliability.

“In compound processing, sharp edges are very hard to cut in all materials,” says Scott Turner, the company’s marketing manager. If not cut, these fibers will eventually lead to wear and premature replacement of the material. In addition, sharper cutting tools have less pressure on materials, less stress, and less toughness.

In order to effectively utilize the “ordinary” composite material, the third flute on AM1 provides high level of stability, but also reduces vibration and improves roundness. Similarly, AM1’s domed tip applies a biangular geometric shape that reduces uncut fibers and reduces layering in composite applications. It is impossible to grind these highly complex geometries using conventional brazing or similar PCD techniques.