Utilization of measurement data

In the choice of tool presetting instrument, processing workshop, one of the main problems is the need to ask: how to use the offset compensation of the measured data, there are three basic ways. First of all can use the presetter built-in label printer or by connecting the computer, the measurement results will be printed on a label. This information may include the tool ID number, knife number, tool length, diameter, nose radius and cutting angle of two, as well as the measurement tool operator information, measurement time and date. The printing labels, the operator is no longer required for manual records. However, the operator will still need to manually input data control system of offset machine therefore, there are still some input errors.

Another way is to use will be sent directly offset the measured data to the processing machine. This method is called data postprocessing, to obtain a set of measurement data from the tool presetter, creates a data file, and the file will be sent to the machine. The machine reads the file, and the data input control system. Because most of the processing workshop machine has been networking, or have adopted the distributed numerical control system, machining program is sent to the machine controller so that the user may want to use the network to transfer data from tool presetter to processing machine.

Although a tool presetter may have to send data to the offset compensation function of machine, but sometimes still need to manually input data processing workshop. Senior Manufacturing Engineer Jeff Campbell said, “a few sets of machining center can usually share a tool presetter. Some machine tools can automatically receive data offset compensation tool presetter sending the other machine cannot. For example, we have two sets of independent data offset compensation TOYOTA horizontal machining center can automatically receive presetter sent. These machine tools have matrix knife capacity, each machine can accommodate nearly 500 of the tool, in addition to tool replacement worn or damaged, all the tools are stored in the machine.

Tool wear or breakage are automatically transferred to the tool assembly station, by the operator to remove it. The operator to measure the new tool in the tool presetter, and print out the tool label with offset compensation data. Then, the machine tool returned by the operator, and the data manual input machine on the label.